Photo: Aliya Waldman

Hi, I’m Rosa!

I’m so glad you’re here! I started this blog to document and record my experiments cooking in my tiny NYC studio kitchen. The recipes you will find here are inspired by my family, travels, and things I love to eat most (sorry, this is not a carb-free zone).

Living with a small kitchen with no counter space has helped me get extra creative in my approach to cooking. Let’s just say almost any flat surface can become a counter when you really need it! My oven has become so much more than an oven, it houses all my baking pans when not in use (if you take me up on this tip PLEASE remember to take everything out before you preheat).

If you wandered over here from Me First then you might already be familiar with my other passion: self-love. A big part of my self-love journey has been to let go of negative associations around food and eating. I believe that a huge component of body positivity is treating your body positively, which means nourishing and loving yourself from the inside out. Sometimes that can be a green juice, but sometimes it’s a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Life is all about balance so try and be gentle with yourself.

My only training comes from helping my mom in the kitchen and watching countless hours of cooking shows. I would never consider myself an expert or professional recipe developer. However, I LOVE food, and I am on a mission to learn and improve every day. I’m so happy you’re joining me on this journey!

Photo: Aliya Waldman